I can't believe it's been a whole year since I packed up a 10 ft U-Haul with my dog, Luna, and drove across the country. It was such an amazing journey. I learned so much about myself that I didn't know before. Before my trip began, I posted about it in a group of over 30,000 different kinds of creatives (photographers, graphic artists, designers, etc.) called House of Flynn (HOF). Out of those, about 5 people reached out to have lunch, hang out just so that Luna and I could stretch our legs, and even allow us to crash at their place. Because of this, I met so many wonderful new friends and the trip was better than I could have imagined. Enjoy these photos and short stories about our adventure and the amazing people that we met along the way. Also, I apologize ahead of time for some of the awful cell phone pics. Sometimes it was easier than getting my camera back out.


After saying goodbye to some of my nearest and dearest (sorry I didn't get photos of every AANNNNNNDDDDDD the photos suck), I headed to Atlanta, said goodbye to my sweet as pie little sister, dad, and bonus mom, and then it was off to Huntsville, AL where I said goodbye to one of my best friends there, Jessica, and then I went through Tennessee and made my next stop in Arkansas.


In Arkansas, I stopped to meet up with Kayla, who's fiance I still owe lunch because I got my U-Haul stuck in the mud trying to park and she had to wake him up so that he could help me. The maintenance crew came out too *face palm*. After that, I left Luna to play with their pups and get some much needed stretching, we got tacos, of course, and chatted a bit before I headed out to Oklahoma. Oh yea! Kayla gave me a big jar of this rose sugar scrub and I STILL use it! It's amazing! Thank you so much!


On the way to Oklahoma, Nicole (new friend thanks to HOF) texted me saying that she was in labor! By the time I got there, baby Rhett had been brought into the world! I met with her at the hospital and met them both! Rhett is the cutest baby ever! I had such a hard time leaving the hospital! Nicole and I even hung out when she came to Cali so I got to have a beer with Nicole, see Rhett again, and squeeze his chunky thighs. ALL OF THE BABY FEVER! Nicole was kind enough to let us stay at her place and the next day, Luna and I headed to Texas.


Texas was short and sweet. We went through the top so there wasn't much ground to cover. We did see some windmills and stopped by Cadillac ranch. I don't know the girl doing the hand stand but I saw and opportunity and I took it! lol! Of course I had to let Luna show off her best model poses. Also, why didn't anyone tell me that I was super thick? 😜

New Mexico

New Mexico is where the real adventure began. I got to hang out with Feliz and her family. I think that Luna may have made a new friend too! I even went to see Walter White's house. They had to put a gate around it because people kept throwing pizzas on their roof. I mean who buys a perfectly good pizza just to throw it on a roof?! Crazy people! The next morning, we saw route 66, some inactive volcanoes, weird, twisty trees, and an ice cave, of course we stopped to get some ice cream!, and then continued on our way Arizona. I swear a tumbleweed went past my U-Haul while I was driving! I wish that I could have caught a photo. I've never seen one in my life!

Arizona Part 1

"Luna, act cool!" *Luna starts rolling in the grass* *sigh*

Arizona was my favorite even though it was the coldest. I was there for 3 days so there was a lot of coverage. I'm splitting it into two sections so that you don't get bored reading in case you aren't already. The first day, I saw the Painted Desert Inn which was super cool. It kinda reminded me something from Bedrock. Then we did a mini hike in the Painted Desert. We saw Route 66 again. I didn't realize how far it went! That's crazy! Question, why are the crows in Cali so giant? I need answers. I was concerned for Luna.We saw Puerco Pueblo which is where they have preserved Puebloan homes and even some petroglyphs. Apparently really big birds were eating people or something. We saw the Blue Mesas which was pretty cool. It was amazing to see that there are these giant hills that are so colorful and it's completely natural. We, and by we, I mean me because Luna had no clue what was going on lol! We saw the agate bridge which is a log that fell over and got petrified which means that it was wood that was fossilized. We saw the Jasper Forrest which was an area with a lot of petrified wood. You may think that they're nothing great about some fossilized wood, but it was amazing. If I could have snuck off with a small piece, I would have but some things are best left alone.

Arizona Part 2

On day 2, I saw a meteor crater! Unfortunately, Luna had to stay in the U-Haul. I read online that they had an area for dogs since they couldn't actually go to the site, but you have to stay in there with your dog which, to me, defeats the purpose. Don't worry, I was quick. They say that it happened about 50,000 years ago with the energy of more than 20 million tons of TNT. It's 1 mile across and 550 ft deep. Our next stop was this super cool Flintstone campground. I wanted to just hang out, but it got cold and it started SNOWING!!!! What is this white stuff coming from the sky?! I could have sworn I was in Arizona! The food was delicious but I was cold. Our last stop was the Grand Canyon. It was breathtaking. I need to go back and explore. It was one of those things that photos will never, ever be able to do justice to. However beautiful you feel like it is in any photos that you can find on the internet, it's 10 times more beautiful in person. I promise you. Stop what you're doing and go! Luna was not feeling. It seemed like the further West we went, the colder it was which is weird considering I always thought it was super hot in the West. I found out later that it actually is, I just came at the wrong time. Luna is not a winter dog at all and it was snowing at the Grand Canyon, which was beautiful to see, but not beautiful to feel. This is the face that I got when we got back in the truck. She was freezing and there was a winter storm on the way so we needed to leave anyway. We stayed one more night and then the next day, we were on to Cali!​


This was certainly an amazing trip to take. Would I do it again, no, but it was so amazing to be able to see all the these places that I've only seen in photos and history books. Thank you so much to everyone to called me during my drive or even checked on me every now and then. Thank you so much to Kayla, Nicole, and Feliz for hanging out with me and making my trip so much more memorable. I will be forever grateful for HOF for providing me with this organization where people are friendly enough to open their homes and heart to a girl and her pup. Thank you to everyone who gave me tips on things to see along the way. This was my first big adventure and I know that there are so many more to come. ~ Yours truly, Raven ❤